With a great sense of humor, Chef Jernard has been called, “the young Barry White of food.” He is the author of the Amazon’s best-selling cookbook 88 Ways to Her Heart: Cooking for Lovers from the kitchen to the bedroom. His new book focuses on cooking demonstrations and helpful tips in the kitchen as well as terrific ways to start sparks in a new relationship or keep the sparks sizzling for those already in love.

Chef Jernard opened his 5th restaurant, Bon Appetite Bistro, in April 2009 in Ringgold, GA. Chef Jernard’s compelling and inspirational personal story includes:

  • Growing up in Mississippi, his father taught him how to maneuver through the kitchen before passing away.
  • To help support the family, Chef Jernard began a restaurant out of his family’s kitchen when he was just a junior in high school. It immediately became a success and within a couple of months his fledgling business was bringing in thousands of dollars a month.
  • He founded two successful restaurants in the Memphis’ metro area before moving to Ringgold in the summer of 2006.
  • On Father’s Day 2007, Chef Jernard and President Barack Obama were two of the featured guest chefs at th 20th Anniversary Celebration for the Real Men Cook event in Chicago.

Chef Jernard also has a line of sauces and can be seen throughout the community and country doing various events and media appearances.

Published in Culinary Directory

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