Le Chef Amour’s Amazing Box

Get Kids interested in cooking, with a cooking kit made specifically for them! The tools and recipes inside are reminiscent of the Old Easy Bake Oven days, but without the complicated mess of having to buy special ingredients.

The Amazing Box will get your child into cooking while engaging them into eating healthy with their very own kid-friendly cooking utensils, apron, and recipe cookbook. You’ll enjoy hours of fun, educational, and healthy cooking with each other, while your child learns how important being kitchen-conscience is! Kids learn safety for products, while learning to use these powerful and important tools that will cause them to grow up knowing how to support themselves.

Amazing Box Content:

Mini Tongs, Mini Whisk, Small Chopping board,Potato Peeler, recipe book/Memo pad, spatula, flower pot, Magical cookie mix, Lemon pepper ranchmix, French fry seasoning, Barbecue sauce spice and much more..

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